About Book & Badger
I’m currently working as a librarian with a side passion for crafting. My main mediums are fabric (sewing) and yarn (crochet), though I often get inspired and dabble with other stuff.
Most of my products are heavily inspired by books and fandoms i.e. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and many more.
For the most part, Book & Badger is a one-woman show, though sometimes family members help out with traveling to cons and bringing packages to the post office.
“Creativity is an act of defiance.” ~ Twyla Tharp

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Literary Love Savannah July 25 – 28 2019
Savannah Marriott Riverfront
Savannah, GA
Misti-Con July 18 – 21 2019
Doubletree Tarrytown
Nashua Library ComicFest  June 22 2019
Nashua, NH


StArt at the Station Dec. 9 2018
Union Station
Worcester, MA
Nashua Library ComicFest  June 23 2018
Nashua, NH
Literary Love Savannah July 26 – 29 2018
Savannah Marriott Riverfront
Savannah, GA
PotterVerse Aug. 17 – 19 2018
Bethesda North Marriott
Rockville, MD
Misti-Con May 2017
Laconia, NH